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Welcome on site Marek Spedition Ltd

About the company

MAREK Spedition was founded in 1992. Since the beginning, its specialization has been the international transport of hanged ready-made garments. The Garment company Prostějov was among the first customers, where our company was providing massive export of clothing products to Western Europe and, in the later years, also shipments from the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. Other customers included small clothing companies, which were engaged in the production and export of hanged ready-made garments.

With the gradual development of the company and the purchase of special large-volume box truck rigs with the BDF system of swap bodies, our specialization was extended by the transportation of personal effects and other goods, which requires a dust-proof environment (hanged ready-made garments, electronics, sanitary ware etc.).

The company underwent further expansion in 2006, when its range of services was extended by the transport of frozen goods and ambulatory deliveries using box trucks with hydraulic fronts and a system for transporting hanged garments all the way to the shop of the customer. Furthermore, the company engages in the transport of oversize cargo, machinery and technologies.

In 2008, a new company facility was opened in Vyšehrad with its own public petrol station, tire service and bistro.

In 2014, the construction of a new service centre in Vyšehrad was completed with a parking lot for trucks. The company expanded its services by the transport of bulk materials with tipping trailers.

The company currently operates 40 box trucks and employs approx. 70 employees. Our fleet of vehicles has vehicles with a cubic capacity of 18 cbm to 116 cb. They are all box trucks with a GPS system and security locks. It includes a cargo insurance of 10 million CZK. If you are interested, we can also offer the storage of goods. Our drivers are experienced and reliable. You can also communicate with the MAREK Spedition dispatch in English, German, Russian and Polish.