Specialization of the company

Transportation of hanged goods

MAREK Spedition is currently the largest carrier of hanged ready-made garments in the Czech Republic. All our vehicles are equipped with a system for the transportation of this type of goods and our drivers have experience with this kind of transportation. We provide transportation between all the countries of Western Europe. We focus on transport from Italy to I, NL, B, D, F, CZ, Scandinavia and other destinations. The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and electronic security of the cargo space.

Transport of furniture and moving personal effects

Our box trucks are also ideal for transporting furniture, moving personal effects and all the goods that require a dustproof environment and security. We have many years of experience with the carriage of such cargo. We provide transportation throughout Europe. Our cars are equipped with blankets for wrapping furniture when moving, a hand truck and ramps for shipping a car. The drivers have experience with these types of shipments. Since 2006, the transport of chilled and frozen products has also become one of our specializations. For these type of loads, our vehicles are equipped with THERMO KING units.

Storage and ambulatory delivery of goods

We offer the possibility of storing your goods and the subsequent delivery directly to the shop using vehicles with hydraulic fronts.

Transport of oversize cargo

We provide the transportation of oversize cargo, machinery and technologies, including escorts. We hold all necessary permits and exemptions.

Transportation of bulk materials

We transport all bulk materials with tipping trailers.